Feature #1 is a helpful tool for a property owner to determine if they would like to pursue a tax appeal. The feature utilizes the same algorithm method used by many New Jersey Licensed Appraisers to determine the municipalities’ equalized value of a property. Computer Algorithms are not an exact method especially in New Jersey because they only consider what the city determines the property to be valued at, but does not take into consideration recent sales in the specific neighborhood, the condition of the building, size, number of bedrooms, amenities, etc. You best option to determine if your property may be eligible for a successful tax appeal is to seek a FREE CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) from a REALTOR or hire a Licensed Appraiser. A successful tax appeal has nothing to do with how much the city increased or reduced taxes in any particular year. Find out how to appeal your taxes.

For this feature to more accurate it requires the Tax Record, Tax Rate and Ratio years to be the same. If one or more of the years is not the same, click the Update Notification feature at the top of the page to supply us with your email address. Each time the website is updated with government records, you will receive an email from the Liberty Board of REALTORS. Your email address will not be distributed to any 3rd Party and will only be used for the purpose of notifying the User of any updates on this webpage.

This feature works best only for Residential and Vacant Land properties!

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